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Robo-Bug was created as part of my 'Gizmo' (physical computing) module. We were challenged to design, build, and demonstrate an electro-mechanical machine that celebrates mechanisms and engaging physical interaction, whilst being primarily made from cardboard.


By undertaking an iterative development process through synthesis, simulation, analysis and physical prototyping, I created an interactive pet hexapod, with a walking gait inspired by real insects. This allowed me to challenge myself to learn new skills, with the cardboard constraint forcing me to constantly rethink each design.


On completion of the project, I was contacted by my degree's teaching office, giving me the opportunity to run a session for a local primary school. To introduce the year 6 pupils to some real-world applications of STEM subjects, I shared my project with the students, and challenged them to design their own insect-inspired robots. This session was well-received, with the students engaged throughout, and was a valuable experience outside the scope of my own course.

Short video showing the process and final outcome

A1 (zoom in to read) portfolio poster detailing my project's plan, development, challenges and outcome

_________ Skills Developed _________

Soft Skills

Iterative Design | Presenting | Problem Solving

Hard Skills

Electronics | Coding (C++) | Video Editing (Premiere Pro) | Computer Aided Design (3D & Graphical)